Katie Cowan Sickmeier
Costume Designer
    My role as a costume designer is to understand how a performer’s appearance reveals and reinforces the meaning of a theatrical event.  Every detail must reflect a character’s personality and his/her role within the world he/she occupies.  By carefully considering the colors, textures, lines, and forms of each character’s costume, the designer helps to define the broader setting and culture in which these characters exist.
	Whether it is a play, musical book, opera libretto, dance concert music, or solo performance, every piece of theatre has a text, and that text is my first consideration when approaching a design project.  From this textual foundation, creating a superior costume design develops with the vision of the director, expands thru collaboration with the lighting and scenic designers, and evolves throughout the rehearsal process to meet the performers’ needs. 
	During my experiences in shop management, technology, and wardrobe, I learned that costume design is often as much about functionality and adaptability as it is about pure imagination. Discovery and creativity must continue beyond the rendered image to include the input of the technicians who turn sketched ideas into stage-worthy realities.  In order to make better design choices, I constantly seek a better understanding of the costume technology skills necessary to achieve them.  
	I believe that costume design does not exist in a vacuum or for its own sake. Costumes are one component in a collaborative effort to construct a consistent, coherent visual landscape that supports a performance and heightens the audience’s understanding of their theatrical experience.
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Current City: Indianapolis, Indiana

I live outside of Indianapolis with my husband and our son.  We have two cats & a hound dog.

Interests: Travel; photography; wine growing, making, & tasting